A New, Faster & Easier Way To Create Quotes Let's abolish your paperwork, save time & win more work.

How It Works Get ready to supercharge your workflow

Step 1

Easily Save Your Products & Services In The Database
Step 2

Add Products To SmartBlocks™ To Automatically Build Quotes
Step 3

Instantly E-Mail High Quality Quote To Your Customer

SmartQuotr Is Different Designed To Save You Time & Effort

SmartQuotr isn’t just another quoting web app. We’ve taken all the features you need and love but made everything easier and faster with our unique SmartBlocks™ system.

You can create quotes block by block, import pre-made blocks (templates) to save time and effort.

Easy To Use - Cloud Based & Nothing To Download
Work Anywhere - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone
Automatically Calculates Materials Costs & Fit Times
Automatically Calculates Labour Costs & Profits
Customise Quotes With Your Own Branding
Instantly E-Mail Quotes To Your Customers
Track Your Quotes & See Your Pipeline


Each product has user-changeable fit times, net costs and retail costs. SmartQuotr adds it all up for you. Put the calculator down!


SmartQuotr adds up all modules / rack items added to a quote and tells you the total making it easy to choose a cabinet or enclosure.


Banish the spreadsheets, add all of your top products, services and bundles to SmartQuotr. Re-call them into quotes instantly.


Let’s face it, a lot of quotes start off the same. Now you can load a pre-made template instantly, personalise it to the customer and send.


Create sections and sub-sections, drag and drop to re-order. However you quote, SmartQuotr will work for you.


SmartQuotr works for you. Your brand, your details. Print & send reports with or without a kit list, acceptance form. Quote your way.