SmartQuotr Features Designed To Make Your Life Easier

Quotes & Estimates Easily create quotes wherever you are.

No longer will you be tied to your office or spending your evenings and weekends catching up on quotes.

With SmartQuotr you can create quotes and estimates on the go, deliver them to your customers within minutes and stand more chance of winning jobs.

Easily create detailed quotes using our unique SmartBlocks™
Add products from your database, SmartQuotr takes care of the maths
Create quotes wherever you are on laptop, tablet or smartphone
Choose your own wording "Quote", "Proposal" or "Estimate"

Product Database Add once, use in SmartBlocks™ forever...

Quoting can be boring and repetitive. Not any longer.

Add your products and services once, then add them into SmartBlocks™ whenever you need them.

SmartQuotr will add up all the figures and give you an accurate, detailed quote in minutes winning back time and energy to grow your business.

Add your most used products complete with fit times and costs.
Add custom services with pre-set costs.
Banish the calculator, SmartQuotr does all the maths.
Import product sets from spreadsheets in minutes.

Impress Your Customers High quality, detailed quote templates.

First impressions are key, with SmartQuotr your quotes will make you stand out.

Easy to read, professional looking with your full branding delivered straight to your customers inbox, in minutes.

Don’t give them chance to get three quotes, get the only one that matters, yours, to them lightning fast with SmartQuotr.

Add your company logo and address.
Add custom text to the front page and every SmartBlock™ section.
Show an overall price, or automatically break it down section by section.
Change the wording to suit your terms - quote, estimate or proposal.

Grow Your Business Valuable data insights into your business.

What get’s measured, get’s managed.

Using SmartQuotr you’ll easily be able to see and track all of your quotes.

See your pipeline of potential work (and profit!) in real time.

See your potential work pipe line in real time on the dashboard
Set quote statuses to keep track of your quotes
Check the status of all your quotes on the dashboard
Clearly see costs and profits on each quote before you submit


Each product has user-changeable fit times, net costs and retail costs. SmartQuotr adds it all up for you. Put the calculator down!


SmartQuotr adds up all modules / rack items added to a quote and tells you the total making it easy to choose a cabinet or enclosure.


Banish the spreadsheets, add all of your top products, services and bundles to SmartQuotr. Re-call them into quotes instantly.


Let’s face it, a lot of quotes start off the same. Now you can load a pre-made template instantly, personalise it to the customer and send.


Create sections and sub-sections, drag and drop to re-order. However you quote, SmartQuotr will work for you.


SmartQuotr works for you. Your brand, your details. Print & send reports with or without a kit list, acceptance form. Quote your way.