Partner With SmartQuotr Make Your Products Easier To Quote

Our Mission

Our mission is two-sided. One is to help installers grow their businesses through automation and improvement of backend systems for quoting.

The other side is to help improve the customer experience in receiving quotes through speed of turnaround and quality of proposal.

Why Join Us?

Think of us as your own quoting software.

Your customers can quote your products quickly and easily. Their customers will receive a high-quality proposal that represents your products well.

Being in SmartQuotr will help grow your customers businesses and enhance brand loyalty to keep quoting your products.


Getting your products into SmartQuotr is easy.

There are no costs involved.

We do not charge for brands to be in the database and never will.

Our requirements are quite simple, brands must be relevant to our audience and must help our customers grow their businesses in line with our mission statement.

All we require in exchange for adding your products to the one-click imports database is that you;

1) provide us with the relevant dataset (we’ll help don’t worry!) and…

2) tell your customers about SmartQuotr via email/social/PR.

Get In Touch


    We’ll need you to help us complete a product set which includes the item name, SKU, retail costs and a fit time. Most of this data is easily copied from existing pricing sheets.
    Short answer is no… the one-click imports will feature retail pricing only. However you can then provide your customers with a CSV spreadsheet including trade or even customer-specific pricing for them to upload directly.

    Only registered pro-users of SmartQuotr can see one-click imports.

    No, we are completely un-biased. Relevant brands can join and be seen in the one-click import list for their customers and potential new customers to see.

    There are NO promoted products, NO adverts of any kind. And never will be.

    We do however add new brands to the one-click import page on this website, we create one basic blog post and do include the brand on our social pages. This is completely un-biased and every brand gets the same treatment.

    We are working on an affiliate scheme to help wholesalers and influencers to work with SmartQuotr. This will be added in due-course.