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No Credit Card Required For Free Trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Enter My Credit Card Details For The Free Trial?

No, you can sign up for a free trial with just your name and e-mail address.

If you choose to keep using SmartQuotr after the 30 day trial period then you will need to enter your billing details including a debit or credit card.

What Happens To My Data After The 30 Day Trial?

If you choose not to sign up to SmartQuotr after your 30 day trial ends then all of your existing quotes will be saved however you won’t be able to access them without providing billing information.

Are There Any Limitations On The Trial?

Nope! There are no limitations for the 30 day free trial. You’ll get full access including one-click imports, branded reports and more.

After the 30 day trial period you’ll need to add your payment details to keep using SmartQuotr.

Am I Tied Into A Lengthy Contract?

Nope! SmartQuotr works on a 30 day rolling payment, you can cancel at any time and the most you’ll pay is the rest of the month that you cancel in.

You have complete freedom to do this 24/7 from your own account without our involvement.

I Don't Quote Using Specific Products, Can I Still Use SmartQuotr?

Yes of course. SmartQuotr works in numerous ways, you can create products in the database for products, services or bundles.

Whilst the app is designed with integrators and contractors in mind it can also work well for service based quotes such as web design, consultation etc. etc. You name it, SmartQuotr will make it easier and faster.

The Products I Use Aren't In Your One Click Database.

That’s not a problem. You can easily add products from a spreadsheet. We have help documentation on this and can also assist you.

You can also add products as you go.

We’re constantly talking to new brands and distributors to get more products added, feel free to recommend us to your brands as well. We can usually prioritise brands if customers are asking for their products to be in SmartQuotr.

Can You Help Me Get Started?

Yes of course. Once you sign up we will email you with guides and information, you can also visit the help centre and you’ll also be able to speak to our customer success manager via email, live chat or telephone.

We can assist with guidance and with helping you to add products to your database.

How Many Additional Users Can I Have On The Trial?

You can have as many users as you need on the trial.

After 30 days these will be included in your monthly billing at the above rates.

Do You Use Any Of My Data?

No, we don’t and never will use any of your data (by law!)

Your customer and quote specifics will never be used by us for any reasons, ever.